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| May 1, 2016

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This paper addresses issues and points from Chapter 5 – “Interpreting Old and Foreign Art”%u0412

Submit your paper as an MSWord document (only) and email ***

– Write a%u0412 5-page%u0412 paper addressing the following:%u0412

1)%u0412 – Find one (1) art work that you personally find “FOREIGN… %u0412 strange, exotic, exciting, incompatible, incongruous, inconsistent, distasteful, obnoxious, repellent, and[/or] repugnant.” (Barrett, T. 2003. Pg111)%u0412

I would suggest going to the UofO Museum of Art – Art galleries in or near where you live. You may also choose from public art and sculpture. You may also use online resources such as%u0412 www.artchive.com%u0412 (Links to an external site.)%u0412 or others to find an artwork.%u0412


Your chosen artwork may include any type and/or style of art from any period and culture. It may be architecture, media, sculpture, paintings, prints, etc…%u0412

2)%u0412 – Review the artwork (look at it with new eyes). Write down your own personal interpretation of the work. Make sense of the work from your perspective. Discuss what you feel the meaning of the image(s) reveal(s) to you.%u0412

3)%u0412 – Find at least 2 resources (art historians, critics, others) who discuss the work from their perspectives. Discover biographical and historical information about the artist and the work. With the above information address the following points:%u0412

Point 1%u0412 %u0412 -%u0412 %u0412 Consider your initial interpretation. Do you feel differently about your initial interpretation after reading historical and biographical information about the artist and the work?%u0412

Point 2%u0412 – Discuss specific points regarding historical, cultural, and artistic qualities that tell about the times, the people, and the place of those who made and viewed your chosen artwork.%u0412 %u0412
– What did the artwork mean to the people who viewed the work?%u0412
– What did the artwork mean to the artist who created the work?%u0412
– What specific images and/or artifacts contain symbolism or meaning to the culture for which it was originally viewed?%u0412

Point 3%u0412 – Discuss specific similarities and/or differences of how you felt about the artwork after reading about the artist and the work.%u0412
– What assumptions did you originally make that have now changed?%u0412
– How (in what way) has your understanding of the work changed from your original interpretation?%u0412

Point 4%u0412 – Judgment — Discuss how your feeling (judgment) of the artwork has changed or not changed following this process.%u0412

Writing requirements:
– Head your paper with the name of the class, term, your name, and date.%u0412
– Title your paper.%u0412
– Paper to be minimum of 5 pages.%u0412
– Type to be 12 point%u0412
– Spacing: double spaced%u0412
– Use proper spelling, grammar, and English.%u0412

Cite References
-Proper citing of any and all author’s quotes, ideas and/or paraphrasing %u0412 another’s quotes or ideas is required in all written work. This includes proper in-text citing following the information of another. In addition, you are required to provide a bibliography of sources used in your paper. Any online resources will be cited (within the text and in a bibliography) whether the author is named or not.

Proof Read
-%u0412 Please proof read or have your paper proof read. Incorrect spelling?? No Way!! Use speeell-check!! Check punctuation and wording.

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