| April 28, 2016

Actors resume

Everybody in life has a talent and passion that we always want to be recognized and associated with. Acting is one of the talents. At times in life, you may find that a person is talented in the world of acting, but he/she does not know how and where to start his career. Well if you are ever stranded on writing an acting resume which is the lead to open your acting career path, here are few steps you need to keep in mind.

Have a cover photo

This is the first part while writing your acting resume. I would advise that cover photo as an actor should be professionally done. The first thing you need to do is to talk to the agency to see which headshot they would recommend; could either be black and white or colored. A cover photo is important in a resume for actors because it helps an agency to identify the role you would play in the scene.

Include your personal details.

Write your name. While writing your actors resume, choose a name that you would use and stick to it; it could be your stage name or real name. This is what will single you out in the art industry
Contacts. All resume for actors should contain contacts. When writing your contact you have to be very accurate because this is the only link that an agency can use to link up with you
Work history. Have a list of movies and other TV channels that you have played a role. You can give a link to evidence if a need arises.
Have a list of your skills. These are the unique features about you. It is necessary for you to give a list of the unique things that you can do while writing your actor’s resume. For example, if you can dance well or if you can sing; all these skills are additional advantages to you
Personal information. Here give details of you including your age, height, hair color and eye color.

Keep it professional

All resume format for actors should be kept professional. The pages should not exceed two and one should adhere to all the regulations. Only giving the relevant information needed.
Keep it updated any time you have a new experience.
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