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Book Review Writing Tips & Services |

Book Review Writing

Book Review Writing Tips

A book report though challenging is one of the projects that is undertaken by students at some point in the cause of their studies. It is enjoyable reading a book, but the idea of writing a report at the end of it is not amusing.

Method 1 of 3: Before You Write

1. Know the requirements of your assignment

Ask all the necessary questions until you comprehend it entirely. Are you able to read books? Is it mandatory for a book to be of a definite length, a particular type or subject? Should you just give a summary of the book or should is an opinion, important too?

• Find out the requirements of your teacher as regards the book report. The number of words needed for your report and the deadline is also an important consideration.

• Request for help in choosing a book for review. Look online for quick summaries to determine whether it is your type of book. Always follow the list and limits as given to you by your teacher.

2. Read the book and annotate

It is vital to take notes as you go through the book. Read with an open mind.

• Remember the characters and classify them according to their roles. Evaluate the characters and determine whether they were good or bad.
• Analyze the central concepts and themes and come up with new lessons that you have learned from the book.
• Look through the book and note parts that you could quote from to make your report enjoyable.

3. Outline the main concepts and sub-ideas of your book

Do this as soon as you finish reading the book. Since it will be still fresh in your head, organizing your thoughts for the report will be easy.
• Examine the main characters and part they played in enhancing the storyline. How did you find them, likable or dislikable?
• What stands out in the book? What were the highlights of the events that took place in the story? How did the story end? Was the end satisfying?

Method 2 : Your Report’s Form

1. Let the introduction be clear

In your first paragraph, give the title and author’s name. Your teacher’s instruction may require the publisher’s name, year of publication, type, and the number of pages, too.

• Apart from giving the basic facts, you should give a summary of what your book report amplifies. Review the essential plot points of the book and the themes the author used.

2. Create your paper body

According to the requirements of your teachers decide on the areas you would like to expand in your report.
• Give an opinion about the book using examples to support the claims. Comparing to other books by the same author or others of the same type, where does it stand.
• Go deeper and examine the effectiveness of the main themes and ideas of the book. Determine whether the book was rational or emotional. Is it a book worth recommending to others? What are some of the aspects that you will share with them before hand?
• Summarize only the parts that are important and stimulating.
• For books that are non-fiction, do a synopsis of the topic, theme, and argument. Look at the thesis and conclusion and decide whether the author was qualified to write on the subject. Is the conclusion agreeable to you? What is your general overview of the book?

3. Write a conclusion that wraps everything up

Reaffirm your thesis in the conclusion. Evaluate the main ideas and give your opinion.
• Let your thoughts flow. Be persuasive in your analysis so much so that one would want to read the book themselves.

Method 3 Final Copy

1. Revise your writing and reorganize it if necessary

The introduction should be clear, the body and the conclusion in the same way. Ensure that your paragraphs lend credence to the introduction, particularly if there is a thesis statement.
• Make your transitions logical. Both your paragraphs and sentences should flow smoothly into each other. Are the requirements given to you been followed to the later.

2. Proofread your work for errors

Give someone else to proofread your work, a pair of new eyes may notice mistakes that you might have overlooked.

• The content of your report should be rich and grammatically sound.

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