Business Ethics Term Paper

| April 28, 2016

Business ethics term paper topics

Collection of personal customer data by Corporation

  • A Corporation is a team of persons authorized to act as a single entity. Due to this, it is entitled to having a lot of personal data for its members. Should it be denied the rights of collecting such personal information? Can its users be allowed to control the business using search engines? How can the government improve the restriction of personal data abuse?

Targeted online advertising

  • Is it a form of discrimination for companies to utilize users date? Is it allowed for companies to use impersonal data “big data” without the users consent? Does all this information advertised pose a great threat to the privacy of the people?

Selling public surveillance technologies to non-democratic countries

  • In some authoritarian states (countries where democracy does not exist) video surveillance technology can be used for purposes that violate human rights. Would it be right to punish companies that sell such technologies to authoritative states? If not who then is to take the responsibility for such acts.

Development of GMO organisms

  • This would majorly talk about genetic engineering. To define the term, it refers to the modification of an organism’s genetic composition by artificial means, often involving the transfer of specific traits, or genes, from one organism into a plant or animal of an entirely different species. Is any form of genetic engineering considered unethical? Is it right for a company to inform its consumer’s food products contains GMO or not?

Sales and exploitation of robot cars

  • There have been recent inventions of cars that do not need drivers. The question to be asked is if such a robot car causes an accident who is to be blamed; is it the company that produced the car or the owner of the car? How do the appearance robots on roads influence the behavior of other drivers on roads regarding their safety?

Human rights and labor practices

  • Most of the western counties have an active human rights protection policy. Not all countries have such rights. If western countries came to the third world countries, they would try to enforce exploitative and discriminative practices with no other legal authorities having to stop them. Is it possible to prevent such practices? If possible in what ways can they be avoided?


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