Crafting Problem Statements for Supply Chain Management

| March 20, 2016

Below are two business scenarios. Revise each scenerio so the statement is easily understood and concise. Provide justification for your statement.
Scenarios for Creating Problem Statements
On each of these, if you need to establish improvement targets, you can establish your own target improvement values.

1. Students in a business class often struggle with answering questions posed to them. Students have passed the prerequisite classes with a satisfactory grade. In the past, the students have been answering the questions posed to them with a 70% accuracy rate. The standard deviation for the accuracy rate score is 5%.

2. For the past six months, you have constantly been spending more money than your take home pay each month by $400 this is approximately 10% of your take home pay. Consequently, you have been either paying bills late or making minimum credit card payments or a combination of both.

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