| April 29, 2016

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7. Due to the study of population genetics, scientists are able to predict the frequencies of alleles
in a population. Describe the Hardy Weinberg Equilibrium. All populations will head towards equilibrium but most never do! What types of events can push populations out of equilibrium?

8. Each organism evolves at a different rate. What accounts for the speed of evolution? How
come some organisms can evolve in a short period of time (bacterial resistance) and
others take many, many years such as human evolution?

9. Why can some humans (Western Europeans, East Africans) digest milk and dairy products
with ease while other populations (Chinese) cannot? Explain.

10. Mammals share a large proportion of genes. Research was done in mice and there is a
relationship between two genes: Mc1r and Agouti in regards to pigment in mouse fur. Researchers looked at these results and tried to apply the findings to humans. What recent cancer research is being done in humans as a result of these findings?


Category: Biographical Studies

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