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Professional Editing and Proofreading Services

Supremessay.net offers expert proofreading services wholly for professors, post-doctoral researchers, lecturers, research, business customers and students. Our objective is to provide English language services to academicians and people in the business. We are devoted to providing both academic and scientific editing and proofreading services for the writers of Ph.D. theses, research papers, dissertations, journal articles, essays, books and other professional materials, for example, sciences, social sciences, and humanities research proposals.

Our very reasonable rates are fixed per thousand words and remain unchanged the complexity of the work and amount of corrections notwithstanding.

We have assisted top academicians by editing and proofreading their work before publication.  If the work had not been proofread, then it will not have been accepted. In many instances, clients have come us for proofreading services because their work has been rejected on the account of grammatical errors. The same documents have been accepted without question on the second submission after we have edited.

Qualified Academic Editing: You Will Never Worry Any More!

Our committed team of editors and proofreaders inspire confidence in all the clients that that have interacted with them. Academic paper requirements should be adhered to for any paper that is not written accordingly or has glaring grammatical mistakes is rejected. Our editors considering their wealth of experience and qualifications can help you towards this end. They look at formatting, referencing and typing errors to make your work excellent.

We offer editing and proofreading services across all scientific fields of medicine, biology and physical sciences.  Scientific writing is complex for it must be accurate, informative, and follows methods and data consistently. It is also engaging and needs to comply with specific formatting styles meticulousness. At supreEssay.net, we carry out our services professionally to help you meet the severe demands of scientific writing eventually reducing the risk of your paper being rejected.

Our professional editors can help overcome the risk of paper rejection by prudently examining the consistency and accuracy of your work. They also check issues of formatting and correct errors above offering you suggestions on the possible areas of improvement. A Ph.D. thesis takes years of research, planning and writing geared towards earning you a quality doctoral degree. However, some Ph.D. students have failed for not following the instructions given to them carefully especially grammar issues.

We additionally proofread your document using sophisticated software just to ensure that your paper meets the quality standards. This software can show you the kind of changes that were made and the option of effecting the changes.

Highly Qualified Editors and proofreaders

Our editors are drawn from various academic fields and disciplines. Therefore, we can ably handle any work with ease. Our hiring process is meticulous, and hence, we end up with editors who are highly qualified and experienced to offer services that meet world-class standards. All our editors are natural English speakers with Masters Level of education and above.

Academic qualification and work experience are not enough; all our editors have to undergo a strict entry valuation. Our staff are regularly monitored to ensure that they are keeping up to the standard. We boast of having proofreaders who are trustworthy and are diligent in what they do. Our services are effective for apart from producing quality work, we also deliver it to you in a record time. In the case of any unlikely dissatisfaction with our work, we either refund your money 100% or redo your work until you are completely satisfied.

Any information that is given to supremEssay.net is held in confidential and privacy. At supremEssay.net, we will never share your details with third parties. Our website is up-to-date security-wise, and all our information technology equipment’s including software are guarded against encryption.

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