| March 21, 2016

This essay is for my Business Ethics class and the essay will be about the ENRON case.

The question is: Describe the Key ethical issues involved in the Enron case.

Please Follow my outline while writing my essay:

I: Introduction: 4/5 lines Max introducing the company and the major issues of the case

After choose 4 UNETHICAL things that people who worked at Enron did.

II: 1st Ethical issue
III: 2nd Ethical Issues
IV: 3rd Ethical Issues
V: 4th Ethical Issues

I do not need a conclusion, finish the essay with the fourth ethical issues.

Please remember that the essay is for a business ethics class so the paragraphs must be clear and well argumented. You have to say WHY what you have found is not ethical for the business and WHY these ethical issues are the reason why ENRON went on bankruptcy please and provide good examples.

Category: Business Ethics

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