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Examples of Psychology Research paper topics |

Examples of Psychology Research paper topics

| March 6, 2016

Examples of Psychology Research paper topics

Psychology is a fascinating subject to study. It is an applied science that seeks to understand individuals or groups by looking at their widespread perceptions and through conducting research on particular cases. Although it is a captivating discipline, choosing a topic to work with may pose a challenge to some students. Below are a few examples to help you tackle your Psychology Research papers.

    Developing Freud’s theory of Psychosexual development

By addressing it as a protraction of the well-known Freud’s theory, you may be able to correct some mistakes in his writing, which could bring you credit.Deal with something complicated such as the Oedipal Complex.

    Can you justify a consistent ‘negativist’ theory?

Most psychologists have a clearly positive perspective of human nature. However, you may apply a strongly negative view as long as you indicate substantial proof.

    Explain how the Kabbalah has influenced the current Psychological methodologies

Most veterans of psychology relied on Jewish mysticism, which strove to lead the soul towards a clean and contemplative experience of the divine. Explain how they used it in their theories.

    Is Shamanism a reliable alternative to therapy?

Shamanism is a practice that involves the practitioner getting into a trance to interact with the spirit world, in most cases for divination and healing. Many mental difficulties appear less in traditional setups. Discuss the role Shamanism plays in that.

    Where should the collective unconscious be classified to?

The idea of a collective unconscious has been attributed by many present theorists. The question that still lingers is whether it is analytical or psychological in nature.

    Is it possible to attain self-actualization?

Self-actualization is the desire to achieve self-fulfillment to lead a better life. Describe Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.Is it possible to reach the top of this hierarchy?

    Is the capitalist system naturally hazardous to psychological health?

Explain the impact of the capitalist system on psychological health. Is it to blame for the increased rates of depression?

    Can a case be based on penis envy?

Is it possible to relate a case to penis envy?

You may include additional information from the above mentioned Research topics, to create a more appealing topic for your research paper.






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