. Happiness is hard to find, Aristotle maintains. Is human nature itself to blame for that, or the world in which human beings find themselves?

| March 20, 2016

Essays must be 2000 – 2250 words in length. Provide a word count.

Essays must be submitted in hard copy directly to the instructor by the end of class time (16:00) on Wednesday, March 23. Late papers will be assessed a 10% penalty and accepted until the end of class time (16:00) on Wednesday, March 30. Extensions and Incompletes will only be granted for medical, bereavement, or victim-of-crime reasons only, with proper documentation, subject to authentication.

(Students who cannot make it to class on March 23 may submit their essay electronically before 16:00 that day if an explanation has been provided and approved by the instructor at least 24 hours in advance and instructions for electronic submission have been provided. Papers received in this fashion will not be evaluated until a hard copy identical to the electronic submission is received. Any difference between the electronic and paper versions will invalidate the electronic submission.)

Essays will be assessed for clarity & organization, the extent & quality of textual research, and critical analysis & insight. To compose a complete and successful essay, you must:

Category: Political science

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