How to write a movie review essay

| March 20, 2016

How to write a movie review essay

A movie review essay is a critic about a movie you have watched.

Tips and Structure of  a movie review essay

Paragraph 1– This is the area where you write your introduction. A good introduction must bear a thesis statement. Depending on your movie, your introduction should hook your reader to your writing. It should spark the curiosity of what the other paragraphs contain. Also, a good introduction should hint to your audience what your essay is all about.

Paragraph 2- The second paragraph of your essay should briefly summarize the movie. Indicate how you felt about the movie. Was it fascinating? Was the film boring? Was it predictive? Or confusing? Ask yourself, such kinds of questions if you wish to understand the movie in detail. All your views should be backed up by sufficient evidence to support each claim. Why do you think so about the movie? Why do you think the movie was predictive? Why was it fascinating? Prove each claim.

Paragraph 3– This is where you identify the scene that you enjoyed the most. Which part caught your attention? What makes this particular scene so special? Ask yourself a few questions;

  • Was it the action?
  • Was there any surprise related to this particular scene?
  • Was the dialogue, intriguing?
  • Which specific aspect caught your attention?

Such questions help to identify what aspects of the movie caught your eye.

Paragraph 4– Describe which actor performed the best according to you. You may also identify the most appealing actors in the movie. Remember; you have to illustrate what the actor did differently that made you feel appalled.You should also state why you did not choose the other actors and what faults they had.

Paragraph 5– Rate the movie. This paragraph is supposed to make a criticism about the movie. This is where the film is compared with other material. This is where you make comments for or against the movie. To rate a movie, there are a few aspects to consider i.e. the nature of the screenplay, suitability of actors, the movie length, the choice of music applied, the application of special effects, such aspects. To make your criticism effective, suggest what could have been done better.

Paragraph 6- This is the conclusion false. Write something that maintains your reader’s interest while stressing on your thesis statement. State your overall opinion, i.e., Would you persuade someone to watch the movie?

After you are done writing your movie review, go through your work or proofread for any grammatical or other errors.This will ensure you have a clean movie review.

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