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A movie review should be captivating, persuasive and informative. It should be able to provide an opinion that is original without giving to much hint about the movie. A good movie review is a work of art in itself. Extensive reading helps in movie analysis. A thesis that is interesting is the basis of an appealing movie review.

Drafting Your Review

1) Begin with a persuasive fact or view of the movie. This works to capture the attention of the reader instantly. The first sentence should give the reader a feel about your review and the movie whether it is good, great, awful or just fine.

2) A clear and well thought opinion should be given on the onset. Let it be clear to the reader on your stand about the movie immediately. Let them be in the picture early on, so as to allow you spend the remaining time to prove your rating.

3) Let your opinion have specific proof. That is why note taking in the cause of watching movie is important. As long as your opinions are not supported, no one cares about them.

4) Don’t just concentrate on analyzing the plot of the movie, this is just one aspect that should not dominate the entire review. There are movies that don’t have a compelling plot, but they are great movies. Focus on cinematography, tone, music and sound and acting.

5) Let the summary of the review be appealing. Afford your review an exciting ending by restating your opening remarks. Recall, people go through reviews in order to decide whether to watch a movie or not. Make it clear to them at the end of the review.

Studying Your Source Material

1) Collect some basic details on the movie. This process is done prior or after watching the movie, but it is important to do it before writing the review given that you will need to state the facts in your review.

2) Notes taking during a movie is important. Always have note book or whichever tools that allows you to take notes before you sit down to watch a movie. Movies tend to be long and detailed hence the possibility of forgetting the plots.

3) Analyze the technicalities of the movie. Scrutinize the varying mechanisms that were used in the making of the movie. Ponder on the impression that the movie left with you.

4) Watch a movie repeatedly because there might be some bits that you missed during your first watch.

Composing Your Review

1) Based on your analysis, generate a thesis that is original. Having gone through the movie try to see what new insights you can be able to come out with. Formulate a thesis and back it up with evidence from the movie. The thesis should appear in paragraph one of your review. The thesis covers plot summary. It is at this point that you are now ready to critic your movie squarely.

2) The thesis paragraph should be followed by a short summary of the plot. Give your readers a sneaky preview of the movie. In the plot summary, identify, the main character, define the setting and bring out the central conflict of the movie. Remember never to give away too much.

3) Write paragraphs that are captivating in your analysis of the cinematography and other elements of the movie.

4) When giving examples, make them detailed.

5) Movie review should be taken as a formal college essay but adding in your personality will make it even more interesting.

6) A conclusion should never miss in your review. Sum up the entire review in a fascinating manner.

Polishing Your Piece

1) Read through your review thoroughly to ascertain whether it flows and has the right structure or not. Fine tune it to the best of your abilities.

2) Proof read your review to make sure that names are correctly spelt. Clean out typing and grammatical errors. Check on the dates and time to ensure that everything is clearly stated.

3) Share or publish your review. Post it on all platforms i.e. Facebook, twitter and even email to friends. A Movie is a form arts and more so in the present times, so share movie reviews, to spark controversy and give an avenue for self-reflection and by so doing influence culture.

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