Musical Analysis

| May 1, 2016

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Prepare a 2-3 page response to the prompt below. Your paper should be double-spaced with 1-inch margins. Use a 12-point font for your paper. Failure to follow these guidelines will result in point deductions.

This week, we have discussed the process of “identification” and “signification” in music. Specifically, we’ve examined/discussed how music enables particular racial/class identifications both lyrically and sonically.

For this paper, you will choose two-three (no less than two, no more than three) songs from the playlist for week 5 (under files, playlists) and explain how the songs articulate/signify/identify a racial or class identity. What, for example, is the signification of white and black racial identity in Ice Cube’s “Wanna Kill Sam”? You are free to develop whatever argument you feel is best able to explain the particular meaning of identity that is offered in the songs you selected but you must make an argument. This means you should have a central claim in your analysis and you should support that claim with reference to the songs under discussion.

You should include concepts/ideas from the readings/lectures (especially lecture). Failure to do so will risk point deductions. Please cite the authors name and provide a page number. For example, if you%u0432%u0402%u2122re using Middleton%u0432%u0402%u2122s point about repetition, you would cite in the following way: As Middleton has noted, %u0432%u0402%u045Athe most widely applicable aspect of popular musical syntaxes is that of repetition (Middleton, 15).%u0432%u0402%u045C If you’re using lecture concepts, you do not have to cite. Be sure to clarify the meaning of terms if you use them. Don’t just say “signification:” say it and explain it. Failure to cite a reference will result in point deductions.


Category: Anthropology

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