| March 20, 2016

• Essay will be about social, health, or environmental impacts caused by recent commodities.
• You will write 2-3 body paragraphs about these areas—each body paragraph for each impact

The topic will be about the unethical effects of “OIL” as a commodity nowadays (social , health, and environmental impacts)

pleases include these sources and make sure the sources are “reliable”

Essay Organization

•Only write 120-150 words for the introduction

Part of Introduction:

1) Interesting statement to grab the attention of the reader

2) Fact, statistic, or citation to provide more information on the background of the topic

3) Thesis Statement

Include 2-3 body paragraphs

-You must have at least 2 supporting points for each paragraph
-You must have at least 1 example/detail for each supporting point. It is okay to have more (2-4) examples and details for each supporting point
-Make sure each topic sentence is connected to your thesis statement
-Make sure your supporting points are connected to your topic sentence
-Make sure your details/examples are connected to your supporting point above them

parts of the body paragraph:

1)Topic Sentence
2)Supporting Point 1
– Examples/Details
– Examples/Details
– Examples/Details

3) Supporting Point 2
– Examples/Details
– Examples/Details
– Examples/Details

4) Supporting Point 3
– Examples/Details
– Examples/Details
– Examples/Details

• Your conclusion should be around 150 words. If you need more words to get to 800 for your essay, you can choose a longer conclusion that focuses more on different solutions and reasons
• You don’t have to use APA citations in your conclusion
• If you’ve done a lot of research on solutions, and want to write a lot about them in your conclusion, then you can add more information and use citations

Parts of the conclusion:

1) Opening sentence that gives some background information
Restated thesis statement (includes your supporting points)

2) Prediction

3) Recommendation or solution

4) Reason why recommendation or solution is good

please use these sources and the other sources from your own




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