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| April 27, 2016

Topics to consider for psychology research papers

Psychology is a study of human mind. In the study of psychology as a new student, you are likely to study and major on the people such as the fathers of psychology and other individuals who contributed to the great works of psychology up to date. It is also important to try to think if you can be amongst these people. Here are some of the topics to base on.

Modernizing Freud’s theory of psychosexual stages

Freud’s theory suggested that development takes place in stages, and these stages begin immediately from birth. The four stages he based on include; sucking, anal, genitals, and adolescents. Using these steps, you can develop a controversy and try to explain why you think your argument is correct.

How to defend a solid negativist theory

This theory sees all human nature as being positive. It also sees all men equal despite their different abilities. As a researcher, you may choose to propose a contrary idea that contradicts this theory.

Kabbalah’s influence on current psychology

Kabbalah’s influence is explored in both theoretical and psychotherapeutic view. His work is understood both in psychoanalysis and historical. He remains an inspiration to many psychotherapists. You may write on the advantages of his work or describe his background.

How shamanism provide an alternative to therapy

Shamanism is an ancient healing tradition and people’s way of life. It is a teaching that focuses on our connection to nature and promotes the well-being of all creations. You may discuss how the role of shamanism plays in the mental health in traditional societies

Carl Jung’s theory

Carl Jung says that the psyche is made up of three main interactions the ego, personal unconscious and collective unconscious. Explore all his assumptions and state whether you think they are true if not tell us what you think.

Self-actualization by Maslow

Human beings are motivated by various wants that have to be fulfilled in a hierarchical manner. An example is a self-actualization. This can be defined as person’s full potential or desire to achieve and accomplish what you want. Is it possible to attain our goals and if we acquire does it make us feel better?

How increased lifespan affects the emotional well-being of elders in society.

Life is something that cannot be predicted. After your retirement, you are prone to be treated in a different way. Analyze how the old are treated and at what age are they expected to die and how it affects the society.

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