The African American Experience

| March 24, 2016

Your essay should be 2 pages and follow MLA style. You will need to use specific examples from the stories to support, develop, argue, illustrate, and analyze your thesis (and cite them). Your paper should have a clear introduction, thesis statement, body paragraphs and conclusion. Your grade will be determined on basic writing components as well as how clearly and effectively the theme is developed. For this paper, please refrain from using secondary sources. If you feel the need to use a secondary source discuss it with me. The paper is due, 2-18 to SafeAssignment with the Honor Code (TH of week 6).

Option 1: The African American Experience

Texts—Ellison’s “Battle Royal”, Baldwin’s “Notes of a Native Son”
Option 2: Russian Writers
Texts—Tolstoy’s three stories, Chekhov’s “Lady with the Dog”, Nabokov’s “Natasha”
Option 3: Japanese Writers
Texts—Fusako’s, “Memoirs of a Declining Ryukyuan Woman”, Mishima’s “Swaddling Clothes”

you can only write the paper about 1 article

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