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| May 1, 2016

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This paper needs to discuss two questions: 1. African American identification with the experience of the Hebrew slaves in the Book of Exodus has been very strong. List and discuss the similarities and differences that you see between the African experience in America–both before and after emancipation– with that of The Hebrew/Israelite peoples. What are some of the similar themes that one can discern? And, are there similar Moses figures in the 20th century African American Experience? 2. Two differing and, at times, contradictory pictures of the Christian churches in America emerge from the readings in this section by Black Americans living in the antebellum period. Comparing the recollections of Mrs. Jarena Lee to those offered by Frederick Douglass, Peter Randolph, and the former slaves interviewed by B.A. Botkin, please identify and the discuss in detail those contrasting views of the churches. How might one account for these conflicting images?


Category: Religious Studies

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