The Christian Tradition

| May 1, 2016

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asked to write on two of the following questions giving well developed essay answers. Be sure to pay attention to any options given to the student in a question.

1. Choose any three of the authors we have read and show how their views about Christianity are compatible or where their views disagree. Then, by using these authors, develop a view of Christianity that makes the most sense specifically developing a perspective on any of the basic Christian beliefs.

2. Choose any three issues that are currently of importance for humans around the globe and show how three authors have developed what they perceive to be appropriate Christian beliefs about these three issues.

3. Choose any three beliefs about God as creator, Jesus as redeemer or the church and its purpose and show how those beliefs have been traditionally understood among Christians and what alternative views about each are also equally possible to hold given a Christian perspective.

4. Decide what basic perspective about Christian understandings of God, Jesus and the Church are developed in any three authors for the course make the most sense to you and give your reasons why by applying these views to the issue of how Christians should live their lives.

Be sure that whichever questions you decide to answer that you (1) fully answer the question, (2) use course material to help develop your descriptions of Christian views and (3) give your own perspective on these matters. Of course, the length of a single answer will vary, but these two essays should be about two to three pages each.

this is the book

THE CHRISTIAN BIBLE (Old and New Testaments) ISBN: 0060655275

Chopp, Rebecca and Mark Taylor. Reconstructing Christian Theology ISBN:0800626966

Hanson, Bradley. Introducion to Christian Theology. ISBN:0800629841

Moore, James. Toward A Dialogical Community. ISBN: 0761828362

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