Tips for writing an excellent essay

| March 6, 2016

Tips for writing an excellent essay

Writing articles seems like an overwhelmingly strenuous academic activity for many students.If essay writing is an uphill task for you, here are a few tips to help you write an award-winning essay.

  1. Select a topic. Many times your tutors will provide a topic to write on.If this is the case, think carefully about the type of paper that you wish to present. Is it an overview or a particular section? However if a topic is not assigned, this is the best part.Choose a topic that you are interested about or a topic that you have already done.It is easier to work on a topic of interest.
  2. Prepare an outline of your thoughts.An outline represents the items for your essay.organize your ideas starting from the strongest to the less healthy ones, according to how you want them to appear on your paper.
  3. Write your thesis statement.Your thesis statement reveals the point of your essay.Look at your outline and identify your main ideas.A thesis statement contains two parts, the topic and the point of your article.Carefully craft your thesis statement to contain the two.
  4. Write the body of your essay.The main purpose of the body is to explain the description or argument of your topic.Each part of your outline form a paragraph.Explain each of your main ideas in a separate section, backing each with substantial proof.Your thoughts should flow according to your outline.
  5. Write your introduction.After developing your thesis statement and body of your essay, it is time to craft your presentation.Your introduction highlights the focus of your essay.You may begin with something to capture the attention of your reader.It could be a rhetorical question, a humorous sentence or anything fascinating; make sure it is in line with your thesis statement, which is the last sentence of your introduction.
  6. Write your conclusion.Your conclusion indicates a wrap up of the topic.Your conclusion should contain your final perspective of the issue while strengthening your thesis statement.
  7. Polish your essay.Writing your conclusion does not mean that you are through with your essay.The final phase is reviewing your final work, to brush off any possible errors.Read and re-read your final work.Check for grammatical errors and make sure your essay meets the requirements as indicated.Be sure to also, check the order of your paragraphs.If you are satisfied that your paper has no errors, it is ready for delivery.

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