Tips on how to write a good personal statement essay

| March 20, 2016

Tips on how to write a good personal statement essay

Personal statement essays are documents that can not be avoided especially when pursuing graduate programs.These are essays that try to get a personal understanding of an applicant and his awareness of the program he wishes to join.Although writing about self is fun, you may face some difficulty in selecting what to write about.This is why we have come up with tips to help you express yourself in a correct way.
a) Understand what the admission officers require.Do not assume anything in your graduate school personal statement.Most programs will not specify guidelines for writing a personal statement.Other programs specify the structure to be applied as well as the number of words to be used.Analyse the prompt carefully and plan your essay before writing to ensure you form an effective essay to back up your graduate application letter.NB; shorter essays are the most effective since admission officers spend no more than 5 minutes reading personal statements.Write about the most important aspects of your experience with utmost passion.
b) Be personal.Some programs may require you to write an additional essay concerning an issue within your chosen field.However, you should be keen to remember that your personal statement highlights you as an individual.Indicate instances only if they are related to your personal experiences.Stick to the subject, which is you!
c) Aim your anecdotes at your life after joining college.Most graduate school applicants begin their personal statements with a story about childhood or high school experiences.This may work since the activities illustrate how the journey to your application unfolded.However, in the case of a graduate application, writing about childhood events may be pointless.Aim at describing events in college that prompted you to pursue a graduate program.This way you will be safer.
d) Understand your program and make connections. When it comes to securing a spot in a graduate program, being the best match surpasses high qualification.One must convince the selection officer why he/she thinks she is the best pick to enroll in the program.
e) Identify your interest in the program.You must show why you are interested in joining the graduate program.This is so because graduate program selections are not based on qualification but the amount of zeal and passion expressed by a personal statement essay.

These tips are not difficult to adhere to, are they?It is like writing your educational biography.The only difference is that you must convince or persuade your reader to embrace your version.Just incorporate a language that is easy to comprehend, and I assure you success in your graduate application.

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